Online Course Options

Online Course Options

We provide up to date and informative reviews of the leading online course providers. Our goal is to help you weigh up your options so that you can make an informed decision about which provider is right for you.

Coursera Review

Coursera is an online course platform that offers thousands of courses to help you explore your interests and expand your career opportunities. The platform that provides courses, degrees, and professional certificates from thousands of learning partners including legitimate educational institutions like universities, and some of the top companies in the world (Google, Meta, LinkedIn).

Coursera Course Types 

  • Courses: Coursera offers over 2000 courses for free with the option to upgrade by paying for the certificate. They are taught by top instructors from world-class Universities and Companies.
  • Guided Projects: These enable you to learn relevant job skills skills in under 2 hours.
  • Specializations: A series of related courses. You could decide to take only the one course related to that career skill or the series of courses which would cover all aspects of that skill. There are 1,600+ specializations to choose from.
  • Professional Certificate: These are full training programs which help you prepare for a job role or specific industry.
  • MasterTrack Certificate: Online modules of a Master’s degree program that can be used as credit to go towards a degree.
  • Degrees: Coursera has partnered with top Universities like Princeton and Yale to provide you with affordable Master’s and Bachelor Degrees.

Coursera Pricing 

Coursera has a large range of pricing options due to the fact it has so many different programs available. Its Courses and Guided Projects start as low as $9.99 and its online degrees go up to $30,000+. You have the option of monthly or annual subscription plans with Coursera Plus.

Coursera offers a vast array of free courses on a wide selection of subjects from Psychology to Mathematics and Logic. With all of Coursera’s free courses, you have the option to Purchase the Course, meaning you will earn a certificate on successful completion of the course.

Its Guided Projects start at $9.99 and are designed to quickly learn a job skill or industry tool. The purchase of the Guided Project includes all learning materials, free download of what you create, split screen video step by step and instant access to necessary packages. Coursera currently offers 650+ Guided Projects to choose from.

Its Specializations focus on mastering a specific skill. Its starting price is $39 per month and can take between 1-3 months to complete. A day 7-day free trial is available for all Specializations and will give you full access.

Its Professional Certificates are for getting you job-ready and earn a career credential. Its starting price is $39 per month and can take between 1-6 months to complete. Like Specializations, a 7-day free trial is available and Financial aid is available.

The MasterTrack Certificates start at $2,000 and can take between 4-7 months. Its focus is to earn a university-issued certificate and credit towards a degree.

Coursera’s bachelor or master degrees start at $9,000 and take between 2-4 years to complete. Its degrees are from leading universities like Penn and University of London. You will need to apply and complete an application form.

Coursera Plus is a subscription plan, giving you unlimited access to over 7000 courses, Projects, Specializations and Professional Certificates. There is no limit to courses you can enroll in or Course Certificates you can earn. The only thing that it doesn’t include is degrees and MasterTrack Certificate programs.

How do you get started with Coursera?

The registration process for Coursera is very simple:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click join for free button in the top-right corner
  3. Add your Full Name, Email and Create a Password
  4. You will be sent a confirmation email